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I am on a mission... To debunk the aesthetics industry.

I am on a mission. That mission is to demystify and debunk the aesthetics industry. I want to raise the veil on what is real, what works for everyone to see and blow the whistle on a few snake oil sales people along the way. Aesthetics to me is not about models or being flawless. What do models have to gain from the improvements medical aesthetics can provide anyway? Besides, the best results come from the people that have the most to gain and not the supermodels of the world. Aesthetics is about feeling good about who you are. It is about presenting the best version of you, and no one else! Who doesn't feel their best when they have their favorite outfit on? Maybe right after having their hair cut or coloured. It is natural to strut with a little more confidence when your skin is clear from acne or rosacea or wrinkles or sun damage, and so on. That is what the field of medical aesthetic is about; being comfortable in your skin!

It might not be the norm for a guy to be blogging about medical aesthetics. At least one that is not a MD. But hey, I wear my skin just the same as you do. My personal journey into the world of aesthetics is much the same as many people. I was in need of a solution for a skin issue. I suffered from early signs of sun damage on my forehead, from too much fun in the sun in my youth when sun protection was more about oil accelerators than protection. When a tan was said to be ‘healthy.’ The results of my fun but misspent youth was starting to show and I was feeling self conscious of it. I could see it starting to show in pictures and I felt like my skin was looking like I was 20 years older than I was (I was 30 at the time). The reason I changed the direction of my career from orthopaedic medical sales to a business in aesthetics is because just how successful I was with a solution for my skin issues and I really want others to know the possibilities out there, and that help is available. Also, note that my experience was not a straight line and in reflection there were easier ways to get to the answer if I only had found a trusting resource to help me get pointed in the right direction. I had a hard time finding information I needed and I think others would benefit from a place to go where they can ask questions and feel comfortable. Have you ever heard the phrase “be the person you needed when you were in that position”? Well that is exactly what I am trying to be.

Why was it so hard to find what I needed? Finding answers in the age of information is harder than it seems. Too much information and not enough context. Learning can take time but making a mistake purchase can have an instant impact. So how do you overcome the knowledge gap and circumvent all the marketing noise? You can start with commenting below on what questions you have and we will find you the answers. Or just check in each week as we thoroughly explore each avenue of aesthetics. Discuss the evidence and speak to leading experts in the aesthetic field. We will dive into what lasers, IPL, BBL, skincare and other treatments can do, and also their limitations. No matter where you go for your skin solutions, you can come here for answers to your skin questions.

Feel good in your skin!


Scott Gilbert Director of SkinONE
Scott Gilbert: Husband, dad and Director at SkinONE


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